Our Story

Welcome to our website friends,

I am the creator of Courageous Visions. Some people call me a passionate Christian, and they are probably right. My wife Debbie and I have been married for 48 years; we have two amazing children Belinda who is married to Daryl with Asher their awesome son and beautiful Ariah, and Scott, married to Michelle with our first grandson, Caleb and their beautiful daughter Eden and the youngest grandchild Joseph. Oh how we love our family, and our grandchildren are such a blessing!

We have been blessed with an extraordinary life; God continues to provide for us abundantly with favour beyond our wildest imagination.

For almost 45 years I have worked in executive and senior management roles in various organisations. I was firstly well-grounded and equipped in retail with Woolworth’s supermarkets, spending almost 15 years in various roles around New South Wales including as the State Training and Development Manager. Then I managed a couple of retail fashion groups around the country, spent some time in retail property portfolio management as an associate director, then was executive director with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

For seven years I developed and operated my own retail property group, Global Retail Services with offices in Sydney Australia, Zhuhai in Guangdong China and in partnership with an office in Nadi, Fiji.

Until recently I was in a senior executive role and a trustee with The Salvation Army, overseeing their property portfolio in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. I loved what I did at the Salvos, and looked forward to every day at work, a dream job, and making a real difference in people’s lives.

So why “Courageous Visions”, what prompted me to create a website for the development of vision statements, an interesting question?

For over 40 years, I have been managing, coaching, leading and mentoring people, most of them have worked for me, but more recently over the past 10 years or so, I have been mentoring and coaching one on one with individuals, people who have been introduced to me or have asked me for advice or guidance. It is not a formal thing, just guiding and directing, providing wise words at the right time, a bit like a dad, with a father’s heart.

It has become obvious to me recently that with a website, I can mentor and guide individuals through the internet for greater impact and for a much larger global audience.

The one thing that I have noticed during my coaching is that most individuals are missing a real purpose in their life, a reason for being, and an understanding of their identity, and most can’t answer the question, who am I, and what is my purpose?

Now I am not an expert, but I do know what works, I know that when you have hope, you have purpose, and when you have purpose you have something to look forward to every day of your life, a vision and a passion to positively influence the atmosphere around you, to make a real difference in this world. Sure, for me it includes a strong Christian faith that gives me strength every day, but with that faith comes wisdom and a real purpose.

So are you ready for the challenge, to courageously step out and create a life with purpose and a real passion for what you do, that defines who you are?

Welcome to Courageous Visions and a purpose-filled life!

Abundant blessings,

Peter Alward