This ripple image indicates the effect that we can have on peoples lives when we provide some guiding words of wisdom and spend some quality time to make a difference in their lives. That difference can positively influence everyone around them! Think of the consequences, multiplication!

These testimonies below are from people I have influenced, coached and mentored, and leaders who continue to inspire me.


Maria Primiceri, Personal Assistant to the Territorial Property Director – The Salvation Army

Peter Alward is a gifted servant leader with ‘special virtues’, distinguishing characteristics, authentic Christian faith that emanates his values, and truly embraces the mission and vision.

A passion to lead within the organisation, community, wholeheartedly extends to individuals with greatness, instilling hope, inspiring others and graciously giving.

It is an honour to serve alongside Peter.

Craig Stephens, New Expressions Coordinator – The Salvation Army, NSW

As someone in leadership within The Salvation Army I have found the counsel and wisdom of Peter unimaginably beneficial. Peter is a man who has consistently demonstrated the highest level of integrity, passion, discernment and creativity all within the context of high level and very public leadership.

He moves with a strategic dimension which releases endless possibilities of a “preferred future” in whatever context he influences. Peter’s leadership capacity is much needed (and sought after) by those who operate in high level responsibilities. My personal experience has been that I cannot help but flourish as a husband, father, and leader under Peter’s mentoring influence.

Robyn Evans, Board Chair – Stop the Traffik Australia and Board Member – Energy and Water Ombudsmen NSW

Peter is a person who continues to take people on a journey of growth. His patience and skills allow him to invest and partner with many people to help them understand their purpose, their faith and their ability to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

He values, he cares and he conveys a spirit of love, even when talking about the hard things. Knowing and working with Peter will benefit you.

James Condon, Commissioner – The Salvation Army, Australia

Peter Alward is a man after God’s own heart. He is always positive and encouraging and has a desire to help others in their journey through life. He is passionate about prayer and God’s mission and is a godly role model for others to follow.

He is respectful and stands for the hard right against the easy wrong. He is also willing to role up his sleeves and serve and he encouraged his team to come on board with serving as well. He is always ready to lend a helping hand with grace and love.

He has had his own personal challenges but he does not focus on these – rather his focus is on his almighty God and the power of prayer. Peter is a friend who “is closer than a brother” and always has a listening ear.

Hieu Tran, Appreneur, Sydney

Peter has been an amazing encourager to me. His example of dedication and commitment to his family is inspiring. Plus his wise words and guidance has helped me to grow as a person both spiritually and in the way I live me life.

Joseph Baynie, Territorial Development Manager, Special Projects – The Salvation Army

Peter is unique as both a mentor and leader, who always ‘leads from the Christian front’.

I have always (and only ever) known Peter to be the epitome of ‘absolute integrity’, honesty and a man with a mission to serve others… well!

We all have our challenges in life, and Peter is no different. However there is a real difference in the way Peter meets his challenges. He does so with complete enthusiasm and diligence. Never are there any murmurings or complaints, but there is humility! And plenty to go around!

We’ve all heard the saying that “If life gives you lemons – make lemonade!” Well no one makes the preverbal ‘lemonade’ like Peter does! Peter has a real gift in this area… He can always find real meaning in the challenges that life throws out … not just for himself, but for others including me personally.

I continue to lean on Peter as an inspiration and guide… and encourage others to do the same. When it comes to Peter guidance… the only way is ‘up’!

Fini de Gersigny, Senior pastor/founder – Jubilee Church Sydney

I have known Peter for many years as a friend and as his senior pastor. Peter is a spiritual father, a leader, initiator, shepherd and spiritual giant in our church.

He never ceases to encourage people, reach out to those who are needy or visiting. He is one of the most consistent faith – filled people I know and is a rock to so many people both in our local church and the wider community at large. He reflects Jesus through every pore of his being. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Lena Farrell, Concierge at The Salvation Army, Territorial Headquarters

Thank God that someone is thinking of others, that’s Peter.  It is very refreshing to see a man walking very closely with God and listening to God’s ways, not his own. That’s how I met Peter!

Peter is always looking for opportunities to help others, he saw a job opportunity for me. When we met, on a regular Sunday morning service at
Jubilee Church, Peter was quick to respond to my job prospects that I knew God had told me but the puzzle was not complete. Peter completed God’s puzzle for me…. God told me 2 months before this day that I was going to be the” Face” of something! The feeling was, it was BIG!

I had no idea..but knew something suddenly was going to happen. Peter was quick to respond ‘There is a job going at The Salvation Army for someone on Concierge “the face of the Salvation Army.”

WOW! I knew that this was it! So did Peter, not even knowing me that well or much of my background, work history etc, but he believed in me as he does others for my “Life Purpose.” Peter encouraged me to go for it, and God knew that he believed in me too, as he was my boss I later found out and still is three and a half years later.

Thank God, Peter is always looking for opportunities for others, or I would have not been given this chance to do amazing things in people’s lives and it changed my life. So many opportunities came from this role at Concierge and with Peter’s help that expanded to pastoral support for others in a new way, from greeting people with a warm welcome a smile to many many Salvations, physical and emotional healings in the foyer.
so this role was not only for me but the influence I could have on others.

Peter may come across as firm but its the authority he is carrying. He lives in God’s River daily, God has trusted him with much, he has a soft, compassionate heart, is very thoughtful and very Generous.  Peter accepts people as they are, but is always looking to improve their talents and empower them in Christ. Many times you hear people say “thank God for the Salvos” but in my experience thank God for Peter.