Players Box

Everyone needs a players box!

If you think about some of the tennis champions, like Nadal or Federer, they all have a support team, a group of people who coach, mentor, lead, support and partner with these champions.

I am sure when these champions started to play tennis, they had one of their parents, or a big brother or sister that coached them, and created that excitement to learn and do well.

As they developed their skills, they were introduced to a new and more experienced coach, maybe a local champion that could stretch them a little more. Then as they improved, and started showing the signs of a real champion, they were provided with a specialist to assist them to excel, better coaches, managers, agents and physiotherapists, with the one constant in their development being family and maybe close friends support.

We are no different, the constant is family and close friends in our players box. But we all need coaches, mentors, leaders, managers, pastors, and friends that continue to nurture and support us.

Who is in your players box?

Recognise those people around you that are already in your team, catch up with them regularly and talk to them about your dreams and desires of living a full and purposeful life, gain from their experiences and their wisdom.

Also, look for the gaps in your players box, what skills or abilities are missing for you? Identify those people around you that can fill those gaps, and ask them if they can be in your support team. Most people that are successful love the opportunity to talk about their own experiences and want to share those experiences with others.